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20-21-22-23 octobre 2019Force-Free Grooming Basics for dog trainers in Vermont (USA) partie 1

  • Lieu : Training Matters, 1104 Ames Hill Road, Brattleboro (Vermont), 05301 USA Coûts: 0$
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For you dog trainers or animal workers (veterinary, technician, zoo therapist, canine boarding ethical center)
Learn all about the basics of grooming and offer your clients new services with a force-free approach, offer puppy classes in FORCE-FREE GROOMING BASICS to prepare them to enjoy grooming and husbandries -----»ear cleansing, nail trimming, intro to dryer, bath, brushing, carding, deshedding prevention programs, calm behavior training on the table, body touching,... all of this and lots of hands-on practice in FORCE-FREE GROOMING BASICS in Vermont at Training Matters with Sara Matters.

Why choose L'Art au Poil? Since 2007 and until now they put up a unique approach which concretely adapts to the reality of grooming in America and France (it's not a theorical approach that doesn't stand up to the reality of actual grooming). The teaching of L'Art au Poil takes into account all the steps necessary to perform grooming that respects the limits of the animal, but also in respect of the dermatological needs related to each different breed. L'Art au Poil has transformed hundreds of traditional grooming salons into salons focused on animal stress reduction. More than a hundred entrepreneurs have been trained by L'Art au Poil in behavior based grooming.

For all these reasons choose where you learn your new skills to give dogs a better future.

OCTOBER will be a happy month for all the dogs who need grooming with respect
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L’Art au Poil has been training groomers in fear free grooming in Canada and Europe for many years. A few years ago, some dog trainers local to their grooming school near Montreal asked L’Art au Poil’s founders to develop a basic course so that they, too, could learn how to do essential grooming tasks force and fear free. Whether a dog trainer or other canine care professional, now you can learn the basics of fear free grooming at Training Matters LLC in Brattleboro, Vermont, the only U.S. location for this workshop. Participants will learn about subtle cues to pay attention to in the grooming process, how to condition grooming equipment, the mechanical skills required to perform basic grooming procedures, as well as how to trim nails, clip, shave, clean ears, bathe and perform other grooming tasks without instilling fear and stress in the animal.

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Force-Free grooming basics for dog trainers

force-free low-stress grooming basics workshop dog trainers

To register please contact Sara Matters at or by phone: 802-254-2306 (home) or 802-689-0707 (cel)