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14-15-16-17 août 2020Husbandry for Healthy Pets, Vermont USA

  • Lieu : Training Matters, 1104 Ames Hill Road, Brattleboro (Vermont), 05301 USA Coûts: 799$
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"Husbandry for Healthy Pets: Hands on, force free training for every dog care professional"

Debbie Jacobs, CPDT-KA owner and creator of recommends this workshop to all animal professionals: "Too many dogs struggle with being handled for vet care and grooming. Dog trainers, groomers and vets are finally getting on board with fear free and force free training to help dogs learn to be comfortable with a variety of procedures that might otherwise require restraint or sedation to get the job done.

Before the fear free movement took off Yanick and Marie-Claude were introducing groomers around the world to restraint free, and force free grooming of dogs and cats. Watching Marie-Claude, trainers and groomers trained by their work with animals I think we need a new name for what she does, it’s not just fear-free, it’s delight-full." 

I’m very excited to share information about the upcoming workshop for trainers, pet owners, groomers, vet, shelters and day care providers and pet sitters during which they will learn the basics of grooming, medical training and husbandry and how to train animals to behave fearlessly and confidently when being brushed, clipped, bathed, getting nails trimmed, having blood drawn, receiving injections, even having their temperature taken! 

Join us August 14,15,16,17, 2020 at Upper Way Farm in Brattleboro VT for this 4 day hands-on workshop. Pet owners are welcome to join us. Stop stressing out about routine grooming and medical care requirements for your dog. Learn what you can do at home safely and successfully with your pet. 

What is Husbandry for Healthy Pets: Hands on, force free training for every dog care professional? For who?
For every animal workers (trainers, educators, shelters staff, veterinary, technicians, zoo keepers, canine boarding ethical centers, groomers) and pet owners.

Learn all about the basics of husbandry and medical training and offer new services with a force free approach, offer puppy classes in Husbandry for Healthy Pets to prepare them to enjoy every aspects of the real life -----»ear cleansing, nail trimming, having blood drawn, receiving injections, intro to dryer, bath, brushing, carding, deshedding prevention programs, calm behavior training on the table, body touching,... all of this and lots of hands-on practice in Husbandry for Healthy Pets in Vermont at Training Matters with L'Art au Poil.

For all these reasons choose where you learn your new skills to give dogs a better future.

AUGUST will be a happy month for all the dogs who need grooming with respect
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L’Art au Poil has been training trainers and groomers in fear free grooming in Canada and Europe for many years. A few years ago, some dog trainers local to their training school near Montreal asked L’Art au Poil’s founders to develop a basic course so that they, too, could learn how to do essential grooming tasks, husbandries and medical training force and fear free. Whether a dog trainer or other canine care professional, now you can hands on practice fear free husbandry and medical care training at Training Matters LLC in Brattleboro, Vermont, the only U.S. location for this workshop. Participants will learn about subtle cues to pay attention to in the training process, the mechanical skills required to perform husbandry procedures, as well as how to trim nails, clip, clean ears, bathe and perform other care tasks without instilling fear and stress in the animal.

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This is a hands on workshop so save your space soon as space is limited.

To register please contact Sara Matters at or by phone: 802-254-2306 (home) or 802-689-0707 (cel)